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I'm an "adult" female who is forever in love with writing. I'm nowhere near perfect and that's the best way to be. I mostly reblog cute animals, Harvest Moon, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and other randomness.

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the 7 days to die let’s plays are ridiculous and i love them, so here’s a thing that took a really long time but was a lot of fun. i started it before michael even joined in, but it felt wrong without him and wasn’t symmetrical, so that worked out

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Today, Google is celebrating the 80th birthday of Diana Wynne Jones (1934-2011), the author of the well known Howl’s Moving Castle and many other wondrous fantasy novels. Happy Birthday! I liked the banner so much, I decided to make a gif of it for everyone to use however they please. No watermark or anything, and I’ve looped it smoothly. (It’s also transparent …) 
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Disney heroes or Villains {asked by anonymous}

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I have been playing a lot of Another Wonderful Life lately, so I wanted to draw some of my favorite characters from the game. But with flower-crowns.


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